Biodiesel and its strategic role in the Brazilian energy matrix: A literature review

Pedro Paulo Andrade Júnior, Camila Almeida Martins


This article aims to introduce biodiesel as a possible solution, describing its evolution in the Brazilian energy matrix. Ultimate conclusions claim that the use of biodiesel has several advantages, such as significant reductions in emission rates of greenhouse gases and a wide range of job creations and social inclusion in the poorest regions of the country. Furthermore, this article shows that, in a national scenario of growing imports of diesel oil and rising oil prices, biodiesel has become an interesting alternative of reducing imports of diesel and its derivates, thus enabling the development of other industrial chains.


biodiesel, biodiesel production, socioeconomic and environmental analysis

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ISSN 2179-7625 (online)

DOI registration: 10.32426/engres.

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