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This paper presents a study of the fly-by-wire system and its innovations in aeronautical industry. In manned aircraft the pilot is the primary and fundamental component to the operation of the flight control commands, their functions are diverse and complex as the type of aircraft used. Conventionally command over the flight control surfaces is to use bonds by metal cables and hydraulic transmission for the same devices, making it difficult to install autopilot systems. The aviation market is highly competitive these days and increasingly is driven to develop new technologies present in the various aircraft systems, this competitiveness leads the industry to create comfort, safety and low maintenance costs. In this context, one of the systems that evolved to meet these requirements is the fly-by-wire system, where the mechanical and hydraulic connections disappear, the system pilot commands are sent directly to computers that process and transmit an electrical signal by means of which the position the flight control surfaces must operate, this procedure becomes automatic piloting and therefore safer, more efficient and stable for the various flight regimes that an aircraft will operate manual.


Fly By Wire. Avionics Systems. Airworthiness. Security.

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